My Ending Wordle

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Lucas Bands Commercial #2

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Love for Lucas Commercial 2 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

Lucas Bands Commercial #1

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Love for Lucas Bands Commercial 1 from Jordan Haney on Vimeo.

35th Week

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I had a pretty packed 35th week! First, we are having the best Friday of the school year! There are 4 major things on this Friday. First, Q & U Wedding which teaches the Kindergarteners that there is no word that has Q and doesn’t have U right behind it. Next, we are getting to watch the 4th grade talent show which that will be pretty cool. But it was a little more fun when we got to do it last year. After that, we have the health talk which is going to be very weird but I guess we have to do it. So that is not much of a major thing. Finally, this is the best thing we have done all year. It is the teacher basketball game. It is the teachers and staff against 20 fast little 5th graders. I am on the team for Mrs. Cain’s team. I will just tell you the whole team. It is me, Finn, Justin, Cadence, and Sunshine. We are going to ball up on those young bloods. So each class has a team and each class gets a quarter to play. I also forgot one more thing that I forgot we got to listen to an alumni talk. That is when the fifth graders from last year come back to tell us about there sixth grade year. They gave us tips on what to do in OUR sixth grade years! That was phenomanal 35th week!File May 13, 8 14 38 AM

My Movie Script

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The Nerdy Heist


Nathan as Andy

Kieran as Nate

Anderson as Robert

Conner as Robber 1

Owen as Robber 2

When people grow up, they sometimes grow apart. As Nate, Robert, and Andy have turned into middle schoolers, they have also turned against one another. But when the local bank gets robbed, they will have to remember the past if they are going to protect their future.

Scene 1

(starts off in school)

(bell rings)

(Nate and Andy walking in the hall)

Nate:Man! That was a hard test

Andy: Really? Prime factorials? I could do that in my sleep.

Nate: (feels sad) That history test though… I got a C.

Andy: Well, if you had just studied-(gets cut off) (Robert Enters)

Robert: Hey nerd! Got any lunch money?

Andy: (trembling) I d-d-dont have any today…

Robert: (Grabs Andy) i said do you have any lunch money!?!?

Nate: (pushes Robert away) Back off!

Robert: Fine! Geez! (storms off)

Nate: ( waits until Robert leaves) I wish it was like the old days when we were friends.

Nate: continued) I mean back in elementary school…like first to fifth grade. We were inseparable.

Andy: Well, I guess we all went our separate ways.

Nate: Yeah I know; I just don’t get it.

Andy:(Continue) You like your basketball, I like my mathematics, and Robert… well he likes taking people’s lunch money.

Nate: Yeah, I guess when Robert’s dad got that job at the bank, he bought a better house and moved out of the neighborhood. After that, he hit that growth spurt…

Andy: And his dad hit the lottery with that new job.

Nate: So now he thinks he is better than us.

Andy: I guess that’s how life happens.

Nate: No this is serious! We aren’t friends anymore!

Andy: That doesn’t matter, at least we’re still friends, right?

Nate: I guess. We really don’t hang out that much anymore either.

Andy: Well, at least you don’t take my lunch money. Let’s forget about this and get to class. By the way, would you like to come by my house to study after school?

Nate: O-oh no thanks, I have basketball..

Andy: Oh well

(bell rings)

(they head into class)

(Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse)

Robber 1: Man! We’re in a rut! We haven’t had a good heist in months!

Robber 2: (reading newspaper and sees ad for bank) Well, there is that place on seventh…

Robber 1: No, it’s too heavily guarded. They have the best security in town! Is there anything else?

Robber 2: No. (goes back to newspaper)

Robber 1: Gimme that! (snatches paper away) Wait a minute… (sees newspaper story: Boy gets 100% on test- best score in 90 years!

Robber 1: Look at this! This is Revolutionary!

Robber 2: (sees steak ad) You’re right! Half price off Benny’s Steaks

Robber 1: (hits him in the back of the head) No you doof! Down here! This kid could be our big break!

Robber 2: Really! I see that guy in front of the bank every day, mapping out the blueprints.

Robber 1: Perfect! He could help us break in! But how to convince him?

Robber 2: How about a contest? If I was that smart, I would want to win everything!

Robber 2: That’s a great idea! So here’s what were going to do…

Scene 2

(Robert walks into house)

(he opens his backpack gets out his report card, and puts it on the table)

(goes to his room to play video games)

( Robert’s dad walk’s in and sees the report card on the table filled with ds and fs)

Robert’s Dad: (calls up to Robert) Robert! What’s this?

Robert: (runs downstairs) Dad? I – I didn’t know you would be home this early.

Dad: I had a break. Your grades are really bad son.

Robert: I’m sorry, you are just never here to help me study, and I was just on the helicopter level in my video game-

Dad: (raising voice) NO! I don’t care! You got a D in six subjects!

Robert: Well, If maybe if you just help me sometimes maybe I’ll do better!

Dad: Really! Because if you like those video games so much, then you need to let me do my job!

Robert: Fine then! Let me get D’s and F’s, see how I care. Because you obviously don’t care! (Storms out)

Dad: Alright.(sigh) Back to work then…

Scene 3

(Opens at the park in front of the bank)

(Andy sitting at picnic table)

(Nate walks up)

Nate: Hey, are you still making those blueprints? The bank has already been built.

Andy: Oh, I know that. It’s a project. I’m training to be an architect. That’s where all the money is.

Nate: Are you kidding? When I become a basketball superstar, I’m going to be a mega-millionare and super famous!

Andy: Uhh…no. How many basketball superstars have ever come out of Bakersfield, Minnesota?

Nate: Um, me. I’ve been training hard, a lot harder than you ever have, drawing those silly picture.

Andy: Oh really? Well, the chances of you ever getting into the NBA is a minuscule!

Nate: What? Where did you get that from!

Andy: Does it matter!

Nate: Well, at least I’m not some crazy nerd.

Andy: What did you just say!?

Nate: You heard me!

Andy: You think I’m a nerd?

Nate: Everyone in the town knows you’re a nerd!

Andy: Well, it doesn’t matter If Im a little geeky! Im still going to get that architecture job.

Nate: Ugh! You’re such an idiot! I hope you see me on TV if your lucky enough to even get one.

Andy: You wish! With this architecture job. I’ll make more money then you ever will! And if you think your going to get into basketball you’ll have to get your grades up! You’ll see!

Nate: Just like old times. Sports not important. Education, education, education. You sound like my parents. I can see why Robert picks on you.

Andy: What did you say? You can see why that guy has been destroying my life for the past 2 years??

Nate: Sorry man. That went too far.

Andy: Maybe Robert is the smart one. He got out of this friendship long ago. Maybe I’m the dumb one who keeps hoping you’ll come to your senses.

Nate: Argh! I can’t believe this.(storms off)

(Robbers are watching from a distance)

Robber 1:Man, this is gonna be easier than I thought

Robber 2: Yeah, his friend totally opened the door for us.

Robber 1: Uh huh, he already wants to prove his friend wrong, but let’s add some money in.
Robber 2: Got it(Both walk over to andy)

Robber 1: Hey buddy! We heard you liked blueprints would you like to enter a contest

Andy:(Sulking)Not Right now; Leave me alone.

Robber 2: Ok. You sound sad. I bet $500 would make you feel happier.

Andy: $500? Look guys. No disrespect but I’m busy doing blueprints. I really don’t have time to spin a sign or pass out flyers.

Robber 1. sound busy. I guess you wouldn’t have time to enter in a bank blueprint contest? Bye?

Andy: (Looks up hopefully) Hold on. Really $500?

Robber 2: Yeah. Really.

Robber 1: We just had another boy your age enter the contest. I think his name was Nate. You know him?

Andy: What? He thinks he could win this. No way. I’m in! Where do I start?

Robber 2: Right this way. All the contestants are in the contest room.

(back at school)

(Nate walking alone down the hallway)

(Robert runs into him)

(Nate’s books fall)

Robert: Dude, watch where you’re going!(snickers)

Nate: Hey! What was that for?

Robert: I dunno. Where’s your little nerd friend?

Nate: I’m actually not sure. I haven’t seen him all day.

Robert: Well if you see him, tell him he owes me money.

Nate: Sure why not.

(Bell rings both head to class)

(Nate on the way home)

(Comes to corner that Andy was taken)

(Sees Andy’s blueprints on ground)

Nate: That’s funny Andy would never leave these here. I guess he took my advice and got rid of those silly drawings.

Nate: (Finds robbers’ newspaper on the ground) Huh. Didn’t those guys at the park have the same exact newspaper. And what are those? ( sees muddy footprints on the ground) And they lead over here… (follows the footprints around corner to an abandon warehouse)

Nate: Hmm. The footprints ended. Could Andy have been kidnapped? He’s really smart. He could be valuable to some people. I’d better take a close look.

(Looks around building)

Robber 1: Aw, this is good.

Robber 2: Yeah, with these blueprints we can totally–

Robber 1: Shush! We can’t tell him!

Andy: Hey, where are the other contestants.

Robber 2: What other contest-

Robber 1: They have already turned theirs in. We can only have one entry at a time so no one will cheat.

Andy: Yeah, if Nate was here, he would be begging me to let him copy.

Robber1: We are going to take these plans in here and come up with a decision.

(Robbers walk away. Leave Andy in the room. Andy starts to look around)

Nate: (looking through the window) Hey! There’s Andy. What is he doing in there by himself? Hold on. (Taps window) Andy..Andy..(Taps window)

Robber 2: Man, these are good. This break-in will be a breeze.

Robber 1: This kid is really smart. A little too smart. It’ll only be a matter of time before he figures out that we’re using him to rob the bank.

Robber 2: Let’s hurry up and get him out.

Robber 1: What about his prize money?

Robber 2: You got a spare $500?

Robber 1: No.

Robber 2: Then I suggest we get rid of him.

(Robbers walk back in)

Robber 1: Hey buddy. Bad news. Your plans did not win.

Robber 2: Sorry buddy. Looks like that Nate kid won.

Andy: What? There’s is no possible way that could have happened. I’m pretty sure Nate doesn’t even know how to use a protractor. Let me see his blueprints. (gets up and walks into side room) Hey! There are no other blueprints in here except mine!

Robber 1: Sorry kid. Your services are no longer needed here.

Robber 2: (grabs Andy and takes him out) Go back to school. You’re late for class, little buddy. (door closes in face)


Scene 4

(Andy walking off and runs into Nate)

Nate: Andy!

Andy: Nate? Oh Nate. What?

Nate: What were you doing in the warehouse with those sketchy guys?

Andy: How did you know I was in there?

Nate: I was looking through the window. I yelled and knocked but I guess you didn’t hear me.

Andy: Cheating hmmm…I knew it. I knew you could never beat me in blueprints.

Nate: What are you talking about?

Andy: The contest? $500? Draw blueprints of building?

Nate: What? I came back to apologize and when I found your stuff on the ground, I got worried.

Andy: Yeah right! You were probably going to steal them. I’m not sure how you won but congratulations (sarcastically) (walks off).

Andy: I’m heading back to the contest. The judges need to know that he cheated.

Robber 1: I can’t read some of this kid’s blueprint. Is this an air duct? Drain? Hallway?

Robber 2: This kid really nerded out on these. He should have won, you know?

Robber 1: There wasn’t a contest, dummy. Look if we can’t read it; we can’t use it. Let’s go get that kid!

(knock on the door)

Robber 2: The cops! Hide the prints!

Robber 1: Calm down. Let me do the talking.

(opens the door) Hello office— You kid. What are you doing here…I mean…we were just going to get you.

Andy: Really? Well, I am here to say that Nate’s prints were probably-

Robber 2: No need to talk. We went back and looked and your plans are the winner! Congrats!

(Nate follows closely behind to watch where Andy goes)

Nate: Why is he going back in there? Who are these guys? I’ve got to get a closer look.(goes to the window and listens in)

Andy: So, I get the $500, right?

Robber 1: Yeah, sure kid. After the job..I mean..contest is over.

Robber 2: Yeah, we have to double check these blueprints to make sure they are accurate.

Andy: I know they are! Down to the smallest vent.

Robber 1: That’s why we picked you. Give us one second.

Robber 2: Stay here while we go get your blueprints, and you can go over every detail.

Andy: You got it.

(Nate moves to a different window so he can listen to the Robbers)

Robber 1: For a smart kid, he is pretty gullible.

Robber 2: Yeah, breaking into the bank will be a breeze after he gives us the details.

Robber 1: Ok, grab the pad and paper. Time to plan a bank heist!

Nate: What! I knew something was wrong. I have to tell Andy before they get back to him. (Nate tries to get there but it’s too late.) If I go in there, the Robbers will see me. Plus, Andy is pretty angry at me so he probably won’t believe me. Wait…there’s one person that could help. It’s a long shot though.


(Robert’s House)

(Nate runs up to Robert’s door)

(rings doorbell)

(Robert answers)

Robert: Hey Punk!

Nate: Whatever. Can I come in?

Robert: Ok fine.

(Nate walks in)

Robert: What do you want?

Nate: I need your help. Andy is being tricked by two guys.

Robert: Ha! Serves him right.

Nate: Come on Robert! Why are you mad at him!

Robert: Because he is a big nerd. I’m not mad at him. He pays me. He is my favorite person in the world.

Nate: We grew up together, man!

Robert: We grew apart, bro!

Nate: Andy used to protect you before you hit your growth spurt. Remember that?

Robert: I was 7. Doesn’t matter. I can take care of myself now.

Nate: Well, ok.They are robbing your dad’s bank.

Robert: Psst, why should I care about my dad.

Nate: Well, if they rob your dad’s bank, he won’t have any money. You like your video games? You should probably care.

Robert: Y-Your right… what do we do?

Nate: Good, we need to get going

(Andy’s perspective)


Robber 2: Isn’t there security cameras in the lobby.

Andy: Yeah, this symbol means cameras. There’s one here and there. Oh, several over here. This is the cool part. They have a central monitoring system right in this room. One big power boom, and all the cameras would be out.

Robber 2: Nice..I mean, very accurate. This is why we pick yours.

Robber 1: So, where is the vault. Any back doors?

Andy: Oh yeah! Since this is an old bank, they have a standard vault system. I won’t bore you but I could basically break into it if I wanted. (laughs and Robbers grin)

Robber 2: No, we aren’t bored at all, continue!

(Nate and Robert run to the bank)

Robert: I need to speak to my dad, now!

Bank worker: Woah..woah..Robert. He is in a meeting. He’ll call you when he gets out. Is there a new video game out today or something?

Robert: No. I need to tell him something important.

Nate: Yes, please! It’s very important.

Bank worker: Well, just sit over there. I’ll page him.

Nate: Why didn’t you tell the bank worker?

Robert: There are a lot of people in here. I didn’t won’t to scare them. Plus, they need to believe that their money is safe. I can’t admit that a kid could blueprint a perfect break-in to the town’s bank!

Nate: Right. You stay here. I’m going to go outside and see if there is anything suspicious going on.

(Robert sits down and Nate goes outside)

(Back at the warehouse)

Robber 1: Well, I think we have enough information.

Robber 2: Yes, very impressive stuff. Now just sit here and we will go get your prize.

Andy: OK!

(Robbers walk out)

Robber 1: You ready to go get our prize!

Robber 2: Let’s do it!

(Back in warehouse)

Andy: Strange place for a contest. I remember when this place made furniture. So many nooks and crannies in this place. I would love to blueprint this building. The contest people never said I couldn’t walk around. (Andy walks around and goes into the room where the robbers plans are). What is this? They have turned my plans into a bank heist! What have I done. I need to beat them to the bank!

(runs toward the bank. sees Nate)

Andy: Nate!

Nate: Andy!

Andy: Man, I’m sorry for being a jerk!

Nate: Me too, man. Your blueprint stuff is cool.

Andy: And you’re the man on the basketball court.

Nate: Wait..where are those guys you were with?

Andy: You’re never going to believe this..

Nate: They’re robbers.

Andy: Oh, I guess you will believe it. How did you know?

Nate: Doesn’t matter. I told Robert. He’s in there waiting on his dad to get out of a meeting.

Andy: We need to move now! They are almost here.

Nate: Robert doesn’t want to scare people.

Andy: If we don’t do something now, people will be scared and poor. Why did I draw such a perfect plan up? I basically spoon fed them the bank’s money! Wait a minute.

Nate: What?

Andy: Trust me?

Nate: Of course!

(Andy whispers in Nate’s ear)

(Robbers pull up to the back of the bank)

Robber 1: Mask on!

Andy: Hey guys!

Robber 2: Woozers! Kid you scared the mess out of us.

Robber 1: (nervous) What are you doing here, buddy. You were supposed to wait for us at the warehouse.

Andy: Well, right after you guys left, I realized I made a critically mistake.

Robber 1 and 2: A mistake!

Andy: Yeah, (laughs) I switched up the vault and the on-site jail cell. (laughs) Can you believe it.

Robber 1: (laughs nervously) Yeah, that’s funny. What a doozie. So, which is the vault and which is the cell?

(Andy showing Robbers the blueprints)

Andy: Hope that doesn’t cost me first prize?

Robber 2: No, no, just go back to the warehouse kid. We will be back in an hour with your money. We just have to go into the bank and get out the cash.

Andy: Awesome. Bye.

Robber 1: That was close. Let’s go before something else happens. Mask on.

Robber 2: Ok, the blueprints say go around this back entrance.

(Robbers walk around. Robert is standing by the door)

Robert: Hello gentlemen.

Robbers 1 and 2: (startled) Hello. (take off masks)

Robber 1: Hello young man. Could you tell us the way to the bank?

Robber 2: Yeah, we are lost. Can you help us?

Robert: Sure, You will need to walk all around to the front and then…wait..that will take too long. You guys look like trustworthy people. I’m on my break. It’s my first day here. You can just go through the employee door. (Robert swipes keycard. door opens) Welcome, come on in!

(Robbers look at each other and smile)

Robber 1: Thank you young man. This is why we picked this bank. After you my friend.

Robber 2: Oh thank you. Don’t worry about the door. We will shut it.

Robert: Oh thanks. I have to run to my car anyways. You guys are so nice. Have a nice day.

(Robert walks off. Robbers go into back door)

Robber 1: Dummy

Robber 2: Kid must play too many video games. Brain is mush.

Nate: Hello, may I help you?

(Robbers turn around startled)

Robber 1: Umm..umm..

Robber 2: We…um..were let in by the boy.

Nate: We have been expecting you two. Where have you guys been? The vault is open and your foreign transfers are ready for pickup.

Robber 1: Foreign transfers?

Nate: Aren’t you the Brovanic Brothers from Russia? That door you came through is only for our most trusted and richest customers.

Robber 2: Yes, this is us. (Russian accent)

Robber 1: We are Russian brothers (Russian accent) Take us to our valuables. We need to hurry We have plane ready to take us back to the mother land.

Nate: Yes, sir! I just got promoted to this level of clearance. If you don’t mind, once we are done, email my boss and say I was most helpful.

Robber 1: Oh, you have been most helpful. (Russian accent)

Nate: This way to the private vaults, please.

Robber 1: After you Russian brother.

Robber 2: No, after you Russian Brother.

Nate: The vault is pretty wide. You can enter at the same time. Go ahead. It’s right through here.

(Robbers walk through the door and Nate slams it shut. Locks the jail cell)

Robbers 1 and 2: Hey! Where is the loot?

Nate: Where is your Russian accent?

Robber 1: Look kid. You better let us out or you’ll get it.

Robert: Get what? A Russian knuckle sandwich?

Robber 2: You too. When we get out of here, you two have dates with our fists!

Andy: Hey guys! You got my prize money? Wait. How can you get me my money if you are locked in the jail cell?

Robber 1: What! You backstabbing little punk.

Robber 2: We trusted little punk.

Andy: You should only trust the people you know. The people you’ve grown up with. These guys, I trust.

Scene 5

(after the arrest everyone gathered together and learned that besides your differences, you should be friends.)

(Robert’s house)

Robert’s Dad: Hey, son. Thanks for saving me yesterday. I really appreciate it. I think I’ll take a little break from work so I can help you with your schoolwork.

Robert: Thanks, Dad.

(at the park)

Andy: Thanks for getting me out of that situation.

Nate: No, you’re the one who came up with that genius plan to stop those dirty thieves.

Can we be friends again? Even you, Robert?

Robert: Sure thing, guys.

Robert’s Dad: Hey Nate! Hey Andy! Woah, I haven’t seen you three together in a couple of years. Is the old gang back together?

(They all three look at each other)

Andy: You know we might have grown apart because our interest have changed but best friends are always there for each when the time comes.

Nate: Yeah, I might not always want to watch you draw buildings, and I really like playing ball, but if you ever need me just call. I got your backs.

Robert: I feel like a jerk for the way I’ve acted these last two years. The reason I play so many video games is because I don’t have any friends. I started bullying you guys just so I could be around you two. I’m sorry. I completely understand if you two never want to talk to me again.

Andy: Not gonna lie. You were a real jerk to us. You basically ruined my last two years. But…without you two guys, my elementary school years would have been ruined also.

Nate: All is forgiven. Hug it out.

Robert: What?

Andy? Uhh, what?

Nate: Come on guys. Like we used to do. Hug it out. I ‘m going to stand here until you guys do.

(Robert and Andy shake their heads and walk off together)

Nate: Hey guys. I’m serious. I’m not going to move until we hung it out. Guys? Guys? Come on guys? (runs after them)




Week 34

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I had a pretty packed week. First, we went to KARM. We went to the mission and the store, and they were really cool. I have never been to KARM so it was my first time going there and I really liked it. We got to watch a video on Monday about KARM and it showed a person that was homeless her name was Doris. But now she is in KARM working in the kitchen and she is cool. Next, we also got to bring our electronics when we went to the library. That was just a fun part of the week. Finally, we are making Mother’s Day cards for our mom’s or family member. So, that was my epic 34th week!IMG_6516

Week 33!

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My 33rd week was very busy! First, we had to do our TCAPS, but I was lucky cause we only did two tests then they cancelled the tests. We did math and reading which those are my best subjects. Then, we got our year books on Thursday and they are really awesome I am going to get a lot of people sign it. Finally, someone in our school got #1 in the country in ticket to read. So that was my week 33 week.IMG_6471

Week 32

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I had a pretty test preppy week. First, we took about three TNReady tests, but they were kind of easy in my opinion. Next, we had a soul singers concert on Thursday. They sang pretty awesome. I liked The Star Spangled Banner the best. Finally, we are finishing our movie scripts, and we especially developed the characters. The first scene is like 9 minutes long and that is pretty good for a 30 minute movie. So that was my week 32 at Rocky Hill. (P.S I am the one doing the under the legs hit.)File Apr 21, 2 27 02 PM

My Song

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Week 31

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I had a pretty cool week 31. First, we finished our songs, and mine will be on my blog. It is really electric. I had really fun with it. Next, we are making a movie called The Nerdy Heist. It is going to be about this nerd that gets tricked into a heist. Then, his old friends save him from robbing the bank, and getting in trouble with the robbers. Finally, we are raising money for a little first grader that has cancer. He went to our school. He was just fine about 3 weeks ago, and now he is having to go through cancer. We are making a commercial for him. We are making special buddy bands just for him. That was my epic 31st week in fifth grade.IMG_6364

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